We Love Our School

Why our students love St. Peter School.

On the 100th Day of school we asked our students to write why they love St. Peter School on a heart. Some of these hearts, 100 to be exact, were placed in the main hall in a heart shape. The rest were placed on the walls as a path leading to the heart. Check out why our students love St. Peter School.

Why do our students love St. Peter School? We had some of the usual answers such as recess and lunch. Many love St. Peter because of God or because they learn about God. The responses from the students were varied. Here are a few of our favorites:

"We have one big community of peace, love and kindness and we include everyone no matter what skintone they are or how they walk or talk."

"One thing I love about St. Peter School is the rules. I say this because the rules are fair and true and safe."

"I love my school because there are wonderful teachers that encourage us to do better every day."

"I love my school because of the uniqueness of all the individuals."

"I love my school because we care for each other."

There are many, many more!

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