Music / Library – Ms. Laura Atwood

Ms. Atwood is the music teacher for kindergarten - grade 8, the library teacher for kindergarten - grade 3, the Beforecare teacher from 7AM - 8AM, and she is the homework-help teacher after school. Ms. Atwood began studying piano at age 3 and is a pianist, singer, composer, and organist. Both of her children are musicians; her older son is a United States Marine currently stationed with the Marine Band in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he plays French horn. Her younger son plays panpipes and works for the U.S. Forest Service in Potosi, Missouri.

Ms. Atwood loves animals, especially cats. She has kept a wide variety of pets through the years, including budgerigars, cockatiels, lovebirds, a small parrot, hamsters, snakes, tarantulas, a scorpion, various fish, and a golden retriever. She enjoys listening to, feeding, watching, and identifying wild birds and other animals.

Summertime, with its relentless heat and humidity, is Ms. Atwood's least favorite season. She much prefers winter's shorter days, deep azure skies, cool crisp days, and a nice thick covering of snow on the ground.

Ms. Atwood enjoys papercrafting, especially cardmaking. Her favorite subjects in school, science and writing, have led to a wide variety of interests. When time permits, she enjoys primitive camping and hiking in the woods in the winter.

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