What Our Students Say About Saint Peter School

"We have one big community of peace, love and kindness and we include everyone no matter what skintone they are or how they walk or talk."

"One thing I love about St. Peter School is the rules. I say this because the rules are fair and true and safe."

"I love my school because there are wonderful teachers that encourage us to do better every day."

"I love my school because of the uniqueness of all the individuals."

"I love my school because we care for each other."

What Our Parents and Alumni Are Saying!

"At St. Peter School they provide your children with the spiritual and developmental skills they will need to build a bright academic future." - Proud parents of two children who attend St. Peter School

"Be ready for your child's academic career to become a success story waiting to be written." - Mr. & Mrs. Caba, Parents

"St. Peter's Principal and teachers are doing an excellent job in preparing students for high school and all the way to college. The classes are the right size to make sure the teachers are able to focus on each student. The atmosphere is warm and accepting." - Rowel Realtor, Parent

"St. Peter's school was a nice, small environment that had excelled in academics and religious life. The tight-knit community that the school provided me for 10 years has built my persona that it is today, from my friends to the faculty. St. Peter's school was a warm-welcoming place that would prepare you for high school." - Patrick Relator, Alumni

"Saint Peter School has been a wonderful choice for my child's education. The faculty are very committed and professional. The students are welcoming and supportive, providing a nurturing environment for personal, as well as academic growth. The emphasis placed on faith, incorporating religious education with an active involvement in Saint Peter Church, is exceptional." - Lori Chieffalo, Parent

"Having our kids go to St. Peter School was the best decision! Our kids are so happy. All the teachers, Ms. Zello the principal, and the rest of the staff are great professionals and are always willing to help." - Claudia Penaranda, Parent

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